Studio Grand Open!!

Ako Ballet & Dance School, taking advantage of COVID-19 measures, a new studio grand-opened from May 1st!

Adult vaccination has progressed, instructors have already vaccinated, new ventilation fans and A/Cs have been installed, the studio floor is very comfortable with a new dance floor, and all mirrors are also new! In the new studio, we limit the number of students in each class, measure body temperature, and perform preliminary health screening checks. We are ready to protect students from COVID-19 and give lessons comfortably.

If it wasn't our own studio, I couldn't clean and ventilate it well, and I couldn't grasp the situation of other users, so I decided to open a new studio taking this time as an opportunity.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the students who have adapted to various online and outdoor lessons and shows and have taken classes in good health.

The Ako Ballet Dance School started online lessons immediately on the first day of SIP, and when it became possible to go outdoors, it was the first to hold outdoor classes and outdoor shows. We have been flexibly working on online and outdoor lessons for a year while all public schools are online. The children must spend two hours a day outdoors related to their health, eyesight, and growth are the most critical time for children. I was able to see what it should be! I appreciate all students and family for coming this far together!

For now, we will limit the number of students each lesson and take measures such as increasing the number of classes so that we will be able to offer high-quality lessons indoors.


🎊Congrats!! 🎉

✨National Dance Competition✨

🏆Overall Winner 2nd Place Winner!🎖 
Ami, Anzu, Kanato, and Mayu!!


Located in Cupertino and San Jose, California- Ako ballet is the school for students who want to learn ballet, dance, piano, voice chorus. Ako ballet school students aged 0-85 from beginner to advanced. You can enroll anytime of the year. Our school has a variety of classes and can choose whatever your needs. Ako ballet school is for you who wanted to learn ballet or dance when you were little, those who want to loose weight, have a stiff body, train inner muscle, body-burning, trouble with injury or sprain and students who want to learn something new. Let's start together now. Available with your child during the class. Both English and Japanese are available.

Classes: Ballet, Jazz dance (rhythm hip-hop, Jazz) Lyrical, Body-conditioning (stretch & core training ), Pointe, Baby class (music dance, stretch, play & learn), Stretch for Maternity, Yoga, Musical voice chorus, piano lesson.




クラス紹介: バレエ、ジャズ、ダンス(リズム・ヒップホップ、ジャズ)リリカル、ボディコンディショニングクラス(ストレッチ&体脂肪燃焼コアトレーニング)、ポアント、ベビークラス(ミュージック・ダンス・ストレッチ・Play&Learn)、産前ストレッチ、産後体型戻し、ヨガ、ミュージカルボイス・コーラス、ピアノクラスピアノ伴奏あり!託児あり!日本語OK!​ 

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New Studio Ground Open!!







10321 S De Anza Blvd, Suite A, Cupertino CA 950134


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Bayspo ベイスポ


Bayspo11/20号 掲載していただきました!!



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Adult Fitness - BEAUTY - Bright body



どのクラスも初心者から大歓迎!楽しみがら踊るバレエ、ジャズ、ヒップホップ 、しなやかで美しい強い体を作るBody Conditioning, 心と体を整えるYoga、楽しく体を鍛えるDance fitness♫ダイエットや体質改善に美容コアストレッチ!目的に合わせて、あなたにぴったりのクラスがきっと見つかる♪



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