Payment and Tuition /   受講料


Registration fee $26 /student + School uniform$40 & T-shirts$20

Require appropriate school lesson wear before you get a school uniform.


$84    / 1 class a Wk 

$163 / 2 classes /a Wk $ 5 discount. $50 discount a year. 

$237 / 3 classes /a Wk  $ 15 discount. $150 discount a year. 

$316 / 4 classes /a Wk  $ 20 discount. $200 discount a year. 

Unlimited Monthly $320/1 student    (Included pointe class. not for private)

Unlimited 3Month $952/1 student     (month123, 456, 789,101112, Included pointe class. not for private)


If you were sick, you can make up other class within 1month. 


1class/Every Wk 10 tickets     $250 ex.3 months (exclude Summer break 2mon)

2class/EveryWk  20 tickets     $410 ex.3 months (exclude Summer break 2mon)

Drop-in Single Ticket and trial fee: $26 (Please contact us first)

If you were sick, you can make up another class.

The ticket can use all classes. Ticket Extended is available for $4/month from the last class.

♪ Private       

School studio 60min $105, Online 60min $84 (in case different studio will be add Studio rent fee)

20min $36,  30min $54

Group 3-4 person, Competition $36

Semi 2 person $55

Online, Movie, Line Lesson (all country, Language: English or Japanese) 60min $80 Include watch, check mail Whole time

♪ Tennis/Table tennis

$45/1hour   (4students $28/each)

♪ Private Tennis/Table tennis 

Tennis $60/h, Table tennis $65/h


Beginner       20min. $27

Int/Adv    20min. $30,  25min.$35, 30min. $40

Advanced     35min. $52, 40min. $58,


Private Lesson: 30min  $45

Group  lesson : 40min. $30

♪ ESL, Japanese, Math

30min  $43-45


Please use below to pay tuition and First time only enrollment$26 and two school uniforms $20 & $40 fee. Uniform is only for dance performer, No need under 3 years old, Mommy & me, fitness, yoga, Body conditioning class.

1.   Apple pay:  310-387-9428
2.   Zelle  , 310-387-9428,, Atsuko Minamoto
3.   Venmo :  Ako-Ballet-School, 310-387-9428,
4.   Paypal:only acceptable "send to a friend"
* Please set send to a friend before you pay, otherwise you have to charge a transaction fee.

5、Please choose 1 through 4, send electronically if at all possible.
Check : Please email and send you mail address.
Drop off check or cash :  Please email us and make an appointment on the day the accountant comes.

Office hours
Mon 4:00-6:00 (Only last week of every month)
Tue 4:00-5:40 
Wed 4:25-6:15
Office hours are subject to change.
If you pay by cash, we accept during office hours. Please have the exact amount ready, we do not give change. Also, It is acceptable for regular members to pay by cash. You may pay by cash during the hours below. 
Mon 9:00-11:40
Tue 5:40-6:40
Fri 4:00-5:00, 6:00-8:00