Payment and Tuition /   受講料


Registration fee $25 /student + School uniform$40 & T-shirts$20

Require appropriate school lesson wear before you get a school uniform.


$80    / 1 class a Wk 

$155 / 2 classes /a Wk $ 5 discount. $50 discount a year. 

$225 / 3 classes /a Wk  $ 15 discount. $150 discount a year. 

$300 / 4 classes /a Wk  $ 20 discount. $200 discount a year. 

Unlimited Monthly $304/1 student    (Included pointe class. not for private)

Unlimited 3Month $900/1 student     (month123, 456, 789,101112, Included pointe class. not for private)

If you were sick, you can make up other class within 3months. 

10 tickets     $200 Each Wk lesson class 
1class/Every Wk 10 tickets     $190 ex.3 months (exclude Summer break 2mon)

2class/EveryWk  20 tickets     $360 ex.3 months (exclude Summer break 2mon)

Drop-in Single Ticket and trial fee: $25 (Please contact us first)

If you were sick, you can make up another class.

The ticket can use all classes. Ticket Extended is available for $4/month from the last class.

♪ Private       

School studio 60min $100, Online 60min $80 (in case different studio will be add Studio rent fee)

20min $30,  30min $45,  

Online, Movie, Line Lesson (all country, Language: English or Japanese) 60min $80 Include watch, check mail Whole time

♪ Dance 

$300/4week  $20 discount, $200 discount a year.


Please use below to pay tuition and First time only enrolment$25 and two school uniforms $20 & $40 fee. Uniform is only for dance performer, No need under 3 years old, Mommy & me, fitness, yoga, Body conditioning class.

1.   Apple pay:  310-387-9428

2.   Zelle, 310-387-9428

3.   Mail or drop off cash or check to 10302 Terry way #4 Cupertino CA 95014 or Studio

   Payable to : Ako Ballet School

      Drop off :  Please bring check or cash anytime to same address of above (*Please let us know when you drop, I will prepare the       

      Ticket box in front of the door.) Or studio when class is open.

4.   Venmo :        Ako Ballet School, 310-387-9428,

5.  Google pay: