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Mommy & Me Baby/Tot Play Dance Music Learning & Stretch Class

Ages 0-4. 

It has been designed for It has been designed for0-4 years old who are not yet comfortable being in a class alone. Each child is joined in the class by a parent or caregiver. The curriculum is mainly strech and dance. Your  child dances with music and have fun on the foundations of pre-ballet.




What to wear: Comfortable workout wear and socks.


​Body Conditioning Workout Class

Ages All.


This class aims to built core of inner body, increase circulation of the blood, activation the metabolism, strong muscle training, improve the sense of balance, maternity exercise (easy delivery) and postpartum workout, to lose weight healthily and to prevent and protect from injuries. 


体のコア作り、新陳代 謝の活性化,コアマッ スルトレーニング、バランス感覚の改善、Coordination、産前産後用エクササイズ、痩せたい方,、怪我の予防と防止に役立ちます.


What to wear: Comfortable workout wear and socks.





Ballet Class      
Ages All. 

It has been designed for all ages from beginners. Students who want to develop a beautifui posuture, keep in shape and love ballet can join this class from kids to elderly adults.


お子様から大人まで可能です. 初めて習うお子様から、体を美しくしたい方、美容のため、憧れていた方どんな理由の方も可能です.

leotard: Pink-Kid's ballet basic 4:00pm on Monday and 4:00pm on Tuesday. Age: sutudents under 6 years old.

              Blue-Kid's ballet intro 5:00pm on Monday. Age:7,8 years old.

              Black-Ballet level 1,2, Intermediate, Adult









Variation Class
Ages All.

This class is designed for the students who want to learn variety of ballet variation and having fun with ballet.




Kids Ballet (Dance) Class
Ages 3-7.

This class is beginner class for kids.





Pointe Class

Students can challenge the toe shoes.







Dance Beginning Jazz/Lyrical Class
Ages All.

This class is beginner class who want to dance with rhythm and joy, want to learn various kinds of dances.





Maternity Class (妊娠中のママと産後のママのクラス)
Ages All. BCW Class.

Expectant mother can take BCW and Ballet Class, too. The curriculum are  mainly stretches and exercises for pregnant, preparing for easy delivery and  prevent from minor troubles during pregnancy.

After delivery, we exercise for recovery of the  pelvis.

 Please feel free to come to BCW class.


妊婦さんもBCW Class, Balletクラスを受講する事ができます.妊婦さんには妊婦さん


を楽しんで頂けます. また産後は産後のための骨盤等のリカバーを行って頂けます.



Yoga Class

Ages All.

This class is designed for students who want to relax your mind and body.






Piano Class

Ages All.

This class is for students who want  learn basic skills for piano lessons, both Japanese and English available. A recital will be held. We will proceed with the lesson so that you can enjoy the piano forever to continue playing the piano for a long time. We will provide with enjoy basic practice, moving fingers, taking rhythm, child's favorite songs that match your level.

Beginner,Int/Adv  20min, Advanced 30min,




Musical Voice & chorus Class

Ages All. 

This class is for students who are interested in voice training and music grammar and learn chorus and musical voice with fun.

A recital will be held.

Lesson : 

Private (Group) Lesson: 30min  Every Wk, 40min



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