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Team / Company|所属部門



2019/20年度ダンサーオーディション  9月6日 7時


コンペティション資格: ⑴週4レッスンを受けられること、うちバレエは必須、⑵コンペティション日程が空いていること、




a membership requirement

If the following conditions are met.

Passed a qualification! 


ABS Company member    

・3 or more lessons a week   

  or eligible technical skill

・Aiming to become a professional 

   dancer or ballet/dance teacher.

・Over 15 years training or eligible ballet/dance training.

・Dancer who are motivated to improve skill and have the    ability and desire  for work about choreograph 

  and teaching.

・Choreographed skill

・Teaching technique

・Learn method and order

  of ballet technique by dancer’s age

・acquire ballet and dance terminology.

・Overcome individual difficulty

  point and work genre of any dance

  as a professional dancer  

Company trainee

& TA Assistant

・A young dancer who are trying

  to above requirement.

Summer Intensive

・2 or more lessons a week   

・Dancer who improve high technical skill

・Dancer who try to competition

・Enhance strong body


Show Team


・Competition member.

・At least 2 or more lessons a week.

・Strong both physically and mentally.   

・Parents who are supported dancer.

・The power to proceed for establishing the high goal

  and team work skill.

・Need a response capacity about given mission.

Show Girls/Boys

(Event, Performance)

・1 or more lessons a week plus rehearsal lesson

   (per week) to learn about performance.



・Focus exclusively on the essential dance skill

  and technique intensively to reach the goal

  of high level or score.

・Building up confidence In myself.

・Acknowledge a current skill

  and understand next challenge

  and task.

・Realize important teamwork

  and improve skill to succeed high goal.

・get a fruitful result

  and valuable award.

・Be able to create a meaningful


・Get high accomplishment

  and a sense of fulfillment.


・be able to enjoy a teamwork

  and improve dance level.

・Gain the confidence to feel


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