Ako Ballet is the school for students who want to learn ballet, dance, piano, voice chorus located at Cupertino, South Bay Area.

Ako Ballet is the school for students aged 0-85 from beginner to advanced.  You can enroll anytime of the year. Our school has a variety of classes and can choose whatever your needs. 

Ako Ballet school is for you who wanted to learn ballet or dance when you were little, those who want to lose weight, have a stiff body, train the inner muscle, body-burning, trouble with injury or sprain and students who want to learn something new. Let’s start together now.

Classes:Ballet, Jazz dance, (rhythm hip-hop, Jazz) Lyrical, Body-conditioning(stretch&core training), Pointe, Baby class( music dance, stretch, play& learn), Stretch for Maternity , Yoga, Musical voice chorus, piano lesson.

We have a piano accompaniment and child care. Both English and Japanese are available.


National Report!   FLY TOWARD THE WORLD

We are pleased to announce  that Rio Ozawa and Kanato Minamoto participated in the spotlight Nationals in San Diego  are in the Bayspo and Jweekly, issued 8/17/2018.

You can check the Bayspo  website.


National Spotlight Dance Cup Competition Dance Top 5 Division Winner!!

Award: Diamond of High Score .


Congratulations to dancers and their families. Thank you for warm support from all dancers and families from Ako Ballet school.


There are 1017 dance teams gathered at National Spotlight Dance Cup in San Diego from 6/30-7/5/18 and performed their dance on the stage. As Dance section of Ako Ballet school, Kanato Minamoto,Rio Ozawa, Shiho Makino, Mana Iemura, Nonno Takeda, Miwa Shinohara, Riko Toriumi, 7 members performed the Gangnam Style on the stage and they were selected in TOP5 DIVISION WINNER. They had a high score of Diamond and  numerous awards.They had an excellent acclaim from judges and their performance were attracted the audience.




Diamond of High Score Award

Outstanding Entertainment Winner

National Category Winner

National school plaque Group routines


National Spotlight Dance Cup Competition Ballet

As Ballet section, Sako Kondo performed the Ballet. Though it was her solo debut in Nationals, she could finish dancing splendidly with her smile.

Sako had an award of Ruby!

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Registration for the2018-2019  scool year is now open! Classes Start from September!


Now Hiring Part Time Staff and Teacher: dancer, ballet-dance instructor, assistant and piano instructor .

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Class Levels…



Mommy& Me Baby/ Tot Play Dance Music Learning& Stretch Class

Ages 0-4.

It has been designed for 0-4 years old who are not yet comfortable being in a class alone. Each child is joined in the class by a parent or caregiver.

The curriculum is mainly stretch and dance. Your child dances with music and have fun on the foundations of pre-ballet.


What to wear: wear comfortable clothes and socks both parent and child.


Body Conditioning Working out Class

Ages All.

This class aims to built core of inner body, increase circulation of the blood, activation the metabolism, strong muscle training,  improve  the sense of balance, maternity exercise(easy delivery)and postpartum workout,  to lose weight healthily  and to prevent and protect from injuries.


 What to wear: Comfortable workout wear and socks.


Ballet Class

Ages All.

It has been designed for all ages from beginners. Students who want to develop a beautiful posture, keep in shape and  love ballet can join this class from kids to elderly adults. 


leotard: Pink—Kid’s ballet basic 4:00pm on Monday and 4:00pm on Tuesday. Age: students under 6 years old.

             Blue— Kid”s ballet intro 5:00pm on Monday. Age: 7,8 years old.

             Black— Ballet level 1,2, Intermediate, Adult


Variation Class

Ages All 

This class is designed for the students who want to learn variety of ballet variation and having fun with ballet.


Kids Ballet ( dance ) class

Age 3-7

This class is beginner class for kids.


Pointe Class

Students can challenge the toe shoes.


Dance Beginning Jazz/Lyrical class

Ages All

This class is beginner class who want to dance with rhythm and joy , want to learn various kinds of dances.


Maternity Class

Ages All, BCW Class

Expectant mother can take BCW and Ballet Class, too. The curriculum are  mainly stretches and exercises for pregnant, preparing for easy delivery and  prevent from minor troubles during pregnancy.

After delivery, we exercise for recovery of the  pelvis.

 Please feel free to come to BCW class.


Yoga Class 

Ages All

This class is designed for students who want to relax your mind and body.


Piano Class 

Ages All

This class is for students who want  learn basic skills for piano lessons,both Japanese and English available. A recital will be held.

Beginner       20min. $20

Primary         20min. $27,  25min.$30,

Intermediate 30min. $40

Advanced     35min. $49, 40min. $55,


Musical Voice & chorus Class

Aged All

This class is for students who are interested in voice training and music grammar and learn chorus and musical voice with fun.

A recital will be held.

Lesson : Sunday

Group  lesson : 40min. $20.


Team & Competition

Audition required.