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🎊Congrats!! 🎉

✨National Dance Competition✨

Overall Winner 2nd Place Winner!🎖🏆 
Ami, Anzu, Kanato, and Mayu!!

Located in Cupertino and San Jose, California- Ako ballet is the school for students who want to learn ballet, dance, piano, voice chorus. Ako ballet school students aged 0-85 from beginner to advanced. You can enroll at any time of the year. Our school has a variety of classes and can choose whatever your needs. Ako ballet school is for you who wanted to learn ballet or dance when you were little, those who want to lose weight, have a stiff body, train an inner muscle, body-burning, trouble with injury or sprain, and students who want to learn something new. Let's start together now. Available with your child during the class. Both English and Japanese are available.

Classes: Ballet, Jazz dance (rhythm hip-hop, Jazz) Lyrical, Body-conditioning (stretch & core training ), Pointe, Baby class (music dance, stretch, play & learn), Strech for Maternity, Yoga, Musical voice chorus, piano lesson.



Gochi ごち。

サクセス・アカデミー オンライン日本語Lesson




(646) 784-8298

Kong Tofu BBQ Korean Cuisine



830 Stewart Dr #108, Sunnyvale, CA

あづま Azuma Japanese Cuisine

日本料理 & すし

19645 Stevens Creek Blvd, 95014



ミッシマー寿美子 D.C.

1309 S. Mary Ave., #230

Sunnyvale, CA 94087

(408) 738-8610

Gamba Karaoke

ガンバ カラオケ 日本のカラオケ店

K.E.S English School



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Thank you to our Sponsors for supporting!

Dr. Midori Nishimura

Ako Ballet School Online Lesson!

Keep practice from your house with lesson videos. More videos on youtube!!  Stay safe, keep dancing!! みんなで元気に乗り切りましょう♪

Do you want to join us? Please contact us here!

New!! Cheer dance!!

Fri 4:00 Beginner Cheer

Tue 4:55 Cheer, Acro, Contemporary



全国大会でOverall Division Winner 2位のチアダンス!特別審査員賞ももらったよ。一緒に輝こう✨


Summer Camp8

Memories of the summer camp ~internal recital 

サマーキャンプの思い出 ~スタジオ内発表会

Summer Camp9

Memories of the summer camp2  


National competition Show team

National Overall Winner 2nd Place, Diamond High Score level, Judge's Choice Award, Squad Goals Award

National competition Kanato

Powerful hip-hop!!
Ruby, High score in solo 

ラジオ体操 Radio calisthenics 


​No.2 Hip-hop ver

ラジオ体操 Radio calisthenics 


​No.1 Ballet ver

Summer Camp7

Memories of the summer camp


Summer Camp6

Intermediate 6/18

中級者ダンスクラス 6/18

Summer Camp5

Beginner 6/18

ビギナークラス 6/18

Summer Camp4

Intermediate 6/17

中級者ダンスクラス 6/17

Summer Camp3

Beginner 6/17

ビギナークラス 6/17

Summer Camp2

Intermediate dance 6/16

中級者ダンスクラス 6/16

Summer Camp1

Social distancing dance! 


Exercise for kids

Kinder Kids Exercise

4、5、6才ダンス エクササイズ

Ballet:Saturday 9 AM

the splits - What do you see in the sky and the ocean 
開脚 - 海とお空何が見えるかな

Exercise for kids

Kinder Kids Exercise, dance, ballet

4、5、6才ダンス エクササイズ、ダンス、バレエ

Ballet:Saturday 10 AM

the Waltz of the Flowers


Ballet:Saturday 9 AM

Arabesque with teddy kids ballet basic

ぬいぐるみアラベスク キッズバレエ基礎

Cheer Dance:Friday 7 PM 

Competition Training 


Kids dance:Tuesday 4 PM

Butterfly dance  


HipHop:Friday 6 PM

Let's feel the music!


Ballet:Monday 5 PM

Core Strong Muscle - You can be anything 
コアトレーニング - 今日はなにになろうかな

 Jazz:Friday 6 PM

Let's move your body!


Ballet:Friday 5 PM

The fairy of the Crystal Fountain


Yoga:Monday 11:30 AM

Mother's day special 


Ballet:Saturday 9 AM

Passe skip


Ballet:Friday 5 PM

Warming up Plie  

ウォームアップ プリエ 心身ともにリフレッシュ

Ballet:Friday 5 PM

Ronde de jambe 


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